reCAPTCHA is one of many "free" systems that are seemingly helpful and innocent, but are actually part of the #Google data-collection ecosphere.

If you are a #website / app #developer, consider using tools & APIs that do not collect user & system information.

If you must use a particular system that integrates with reCAPTCHA or similar, please provide them feedback that you would like alternatives to Google services.

Users, choose to solicit sites that value your #privacy and user data.

@theprivacyfoundation I never understood why I as a user must prove I'm human. Why not turning the cart around, and let the bots prove? Like, honeypotting them with hidden form fields the human visitor won't see? So if that puzzle is solved, the visitor just "proved" to be a bot – while the visiting human wouldn't even try to solve it as it cannot be seen. Problem solved – or did I miss something? Do such solutions exist?

@chaosmonk Oh, pardon me – I thought this was about making websites privacy-friendly for humans, not about how to best support Google 🤪 So I didn't mean how G could improve their captcha, but what privacy-friendly alternatives (might) exist *outside* of Google, and how they could work to achieve *that* goal.


@IzzyOnDroid Sorry, I guess my sarcasm didn't come through. I agree with you. Unfortunately most web developers are lazy hacks, so they use the solution that Google has conveniently provided them with, and it's one that serves Google's interests, not that of users.

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