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>Moxie Marlinspike has a plan to reclaim our privacy

Fuck off, Moxie Marlinspike

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So you want to expose your container port in Kubernetes?

It’s simple. Just use a NodePort!

But wait, that can’t be port 80, it can only be port 30000+. Okay well we have a solution for you. Just install Ingress! It’s a special Kubernetes resource that handles routing inside a cluster, using Nginx internally.

Got Ingress running? Great! But wait, it still doesn’t expose port 80? Nope, it just runs on its own NodePort. Okay this is fine though, we have a solution. Just install MetalLB! It’s an experimental software load balancer for Kubernetes, just follow these instructions…

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if your software has:
- 30k files
- takes 2 hours to compile
- uses more than 8GB of memory when compiling
- does 30 things

that's not software, it's cancer

@mort I've felt that way too since joining Mastodon. The alternative to the character limit is spreading your ideas across multiple posts, but then you risk a misunderstanding if someone replies to the first part(s) out of context while you draft the rest. Everything being public adds additional pressure. It's just not a great medium for heated discussions, but those tend to be the discussions that draw the most attention and activity.


So your laptop is an abnormal case due to its high resolution, and the effect isn't important anyway? Ok then. The only point I wanted to make was that swaylock-effects seems like a poor argument that having a modern CPU is important.

> I genuinely don't understand how this became such a huge topic.

I'm happy to drop it now, especially since you seem like a cool person I would get along with fine if this topic hadn't been our first conversation (probably a mistake on my part).

@mort Oh, I guess it's the 2020s now and by "previous decade" you might have met the 2010s, in which case is your laptop from the 00s?

@mort You said "my laptop is _just_ able to keep up. Plug in a second 4k screen, and the animation is visibly choppy". Is your laptop from the 90s?

@mort So a fade-in effect is important enough to justify $1000+ hardware, but not important enough to justify adding some addional code to make your program more efficient?


> With bloat, I mean significantly increasing program complexity for very little gain.

It sounds like you might be overly focused on the size of your own codebase. From the user's perspective (which is what matters) it is your program plus all of its dependencies that determine whether or not it is bloated.

> If your hardware can't handle it, just don't enable it.

Isn't this also an argument against the point you were trying to make by bringing up swaylock-effects in the first place?


> adding OpenGL just for this would be "bloat"

How are you measuring bloat? Making $1000+ hardware a dependency for a simple cosmetic enhancement seems like quite a lot of bloat to me.


@PINE64 What is the resolution of the PineCube? I don't see anything about that under specs.

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Best practice for Docker security is not using Docker

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@neauoire I don't see any bluetooth logos, does this thing even HAVE an app

@strypey To be fair, I guess PCs similarly waste electricity when we fill skyscrapers with thousands of them, all so that someone can trade stocks a fraction of a second faster.


What does that change? It still seems entirely fair to call cryptocurrencies (specifically cryptocurrencies; no one else extended the discussion to other uses of blockchain) a massive waste of energy as a whole. The most popular cryptocurrencies are based on POW. Non-POW may waste less electricity, but don't provide any more value to society that would redeem the endeavor. What amount of electricity is acceptable to waste so that people can get rich without working?



What features do you need apart from the ability to display photos? (I'm not familiar with Google photos)

@sir Matrix-IRC clients should remove features that IRC clients don't have, so that Matrix users understand what IRC users see. Right now Matrix users expect:
* me to be able to see messages they sent while I was offline
* their "long message" to appear in the chatlog like an actual message rather than an annoying link

It's almost like Matrix is trying to EEE other chat protocols.

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what galaxy brain high on plastic fumes from their yearly new imac coined the term “native” for electron garbage anyway

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"Hey! Just wanted to tell you - you've inspired me to buy a new Thinkpad. Thanks!"

No, NO! That's not the point, that's really not the point at all. The important part of the whole thing was "second hand"

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