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inventor of glass: allow me to present my newest material, glass!

audience: wow an unbreakable transparent material!

inventor: oh no, it's extremely breakable

audience: ..

inventor: shatters into hundreds of dangerous shards at the slightest drop

audience: ...

inventor: you'll spend hours trying to find them all

@nihilazo With PoW your voting power is based on how many fancy GPUs you own and how much energy you can afford to waste. With PoS your voting power is based on how much of the currency you hold. Either metric is a proxy for wealth, so both approaches empower the wealthy. PoS would waste less energy, but wealthy people who already own a bunch of fancy GPUs aren't going to walk away from that investment for the sake of the environment.

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Computer Science towards sustainable permacomputing
"Unrealistic" "People wont want that" "Too many assumptions about the future"

Computer Science which assumes everyone lives in VR in the future
"Visionary" "Futuristic"

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it's highly creepy when people refer to outsourcing stuff to underpaid and invisible overseas workers as "automation."


If you've found any evidence of this, do you mind linking to it? As far as I can tell, this case is entirely about unregistered securities and poses no threat to any decentralized streaming platforms, including LBRY. Even LBRY seems to agree, as the FAQ says "The LBRY network is decentralized and not at risk... Even in an unlikely scenario in which LBRY Inc loses, the LBRY protocol will live on and work on it will continue."

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straight up I am in love with water fountains. whenever I look at a public water fountain I go "this is literally a monument to a functioning civilization." when I look at a public water fountain I think about all of the technology, all of the water filtration and pipes and infrastructure that came together to provide Me drinkable water in a public space
some urban designer built Me a fountain to drink from because I might be thirsty. Literally the opposite of hostile architecture.

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Here's a bruising takedown of the whole concept of cryptocurrencies by an economist called #NathanJRobinson. It goes quite a bit deeper into the economic practicalities than some of the other critiques I've read:

#cryptocurrencies # blockchain #economics

@strypey chat protocol, but on the other hand I also consider many common features of chat protocols to be unimportant or undesireable, and many of my frustrations with Matrix/XMPP have to do with ongoing proliferation of new features/extensions making it hard for all clients to stabilize around a common feature set, so the idea of working within the constraints of what email already supports and aiming for a sort of convergence between chat and mail is an interesting idea.

@strypey XMPP and email support different features at the protocol level, with XMPP specifying more chat-oriented features (typing notifications, synchronous sessions, online/offline status, video calls, p2p file transfer) whereas email is more geared toward asynchronous communication (messages are organized by thread, and it is not rare for an email to take several seconds or minutes to arrive). It wouldn't have occured to me that client-side UX alone could be sufficient to make email work as a

@strypey binary that runs on desktop platforms supported by Chromium. But Chromium/Chrome for mobile is different from the desktop version. It has some Java backend for Android and a Swift/Obj-C backend for iOS. The iOS version doesn't even use Chromium's own rendering engine, because Apple requires iOS browsers to use WebKit.

@strypey I don't think that Electron works on Android or iOS. I don't have first-hand experience with either platform, but my understanding is that their APIs for application development are pretty locked into Java and Swift/Obj-C respectively. There are some cross-platform frameworks like Kivy that abstract away those APIs so that devs don't have to deal with them directly, but Electron doesn't do that. It bundles a webapp together with Chromium's rendering engine to create an executable

@strypey @delta

Sorry, this might make sense to me if I had tried DC myself. I'm intrigued by the concept, but it's not something I'd use if the Electron app is required.

No, I don't normally notice which client an email has been sent from (unless the client does something non-standard), because standard email clients all support the same basic features. If that's also the case with DC, which is the impression I get, then why couldn't a normal email client work in place of the Electron app?

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"If the powerful lie to us, we have the right to know. If they say one thing in private and the opposite in public, we have the right to know. If they conspire against us, as Bush and Blair did over Iraq, then pretend to be democrats, we have the right to know."

- #JohnPilger

#JulianAssange #WikiLeaks #MediaFreedom

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consider email<->DC communication to be unpleasant from the email side, why would you expect the people that you email from DC to feel any differently?

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> the advantage of Delta Chat is that I can message anyone with an email address

> Delta Chat is a totally different approach to UI from standard email apps, I can't see how a plugin to an existing email app would serve the purpose.

This is something I've never understood about Delta Chat. If its usage patterns are so different from email that there is a need for a separate app, then what is the advantage of being compatible with email? Or to put it another way, if you

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I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

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