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Illinois’ biometric privacy law shows the data-surveillance machine can be tamed. “The status quo is not preordained,” says EFF Senior Staff Attorney @adam_d_schwartz

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Working a bit on mastofs a tool to expose Mastodon API as a 9P filesystem #thefutureisfiles

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@icedquinn @flip sending people over to Amazon to buy shit is the last thing I'll do.

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@thor It's just one of the classic naming fails: Oh this thing is doing something better/more important than this other thing. Lets name it super-thing. Then later they notice that there is another that does it even better. If you repeat that a few times you get close to

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some alarming climate stats

# bitcoin
685 kWh per transaction
326 Kg of CO2
equivalent to 100,000 VISA transactions.

# ethereum
35 kWh per transaction
20 Kg of CO2
equivalent to driving car 100km or electricity consumption of a European for 4 days

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Even more important to never forget:
Technical solution mean only as much as the cultural space they are applied to. No need to welcome fascists disguised under a "free speech" argument.

Good to know:
fash aren't welcome here.

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If you needed any more reason to sell your crypto currency’s and run away this is it.

Bitcoin emissions alone could push us above 2C warming.

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So signal is having technical difficulties due to user influx. Signal didn't want to decentralize because it wanted to be able to continue to provide a reliable exoerience. Yet here they are unable to provide a reliable experience BECAUSE they are centralized.


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How to respond when you've said or done something people are calling dumb, in poor taste, mean and or very bad:

You're right, that was dumb|mean|in poor taste|bad. I am sorry. <walk away>

You are probably feeling defensive or mad and angry. Wait for that to pass. Nothing good will come from acting on it. Later its a good idea to reflect on why that interaction happened.

Maybe they are right, maybe you need to change behavior.

Maybe they are wrong, if so change your behavior to avoid them.

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Once you've gone through it a couple times your instinct is to ban outright immediately. But most people are not white supremacists, they might have some cultural baggage or poor taste.

And almost everyone will push back on you when called out, the fight gives you the feeling of legitimacy and you reach for the ban.

And it is another reason why you can't suffer the bad and obvious ones. You need the energy to maintain empathy.

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Tips if you run a peertube instance 

Curate your front page. The bounce rate for most peertube sites is probably well over 90%.

Don't lump different language videos together: a lot of peertubes have English, French and other languages all in the same place.

Put proper preview images on videos; See for how much of a difference this can make to presentation.

Group related videos together on your site.


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Machine learning is a hotbed for racially biased decision making. Seemingly cute robots capable of calling police on supposedly “suspicious” people are no exception.

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